This post contains the links to many short videos I have saved originally intending to explain to a bunch of white, secure, comfortable-with-the-status quo family I have, how the narratives that inform their views support racism, classism, and are opposed to all oppressed people. While they do not directly believe the end result of racist, classist, or hetero-normative beliefs that are obviously horrid, they do have narrative structures which mirror these beliefs. As such, these are latent beliefs that underpin the mental narrative and schema architecture from which they base their decisions, arguments, and actively stated positions.

However, I realized I had too many to sort through, and use tactically. Thus I have created this post with all of them.

If any of the videos no longer exist, it is because their voice has been silenced. Top down narrative control exercised as censorship. Keep that in mind, as I imagine many have been taken down already, several of the creators of this content have been shadow-banned or had other alterations to their accounts as punishment.

Final note, if you go through all of these, and yes, I mean LITERALLY ALL (it will take a few days of spare time), and do not walk away with a different set of perspectives: either you were already on our side, or you never will be.

Reasons right wing ignorant (ignorant but willing to learn) boot lickers are better and more likely to be redeemed than middle class and comfortable liberals:

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But Robert E Lee did NOT give up his slaves!