The title of the article may initially sound like click bait, but it is certainly not, and there are facts on the table which need to be reexamined regarding Trump’s sexual behavior. During the 2016 Presidential election, a woman introduced a law suite which asserted she was raped by Trump and Jeffery Epstein, an american financier and billionaire, who was convicted, in 2008, for soliciting sex from underage girls. The law suite was filed under a pseudo-name, Katie Johnson, due to threats and intimidation. The suite alleged, that underage girls were lured to parties with promises of modeling contracts, forced to have sex, and intimidated with threats, and violence.

Statement of Facts regarding rape allegations Filed by Katie Johnson, a pseudo-name used to protect the victim.

This may all sound fantastic, and at the time of the 2016 election, this was pushed aside as a dirty political tactic used to undermine the Trump campaign. The lawsuit was filed before the now infamous Access Hollywood tape came to light, where Trump is on video stating, you can grab women, “by the pussy.”  Katie Johnson stayed anonymous during the process, and later withdrew the law suite, due to threats and intimidation. This lawsuit did not receive national air time comparable to other Trump scandals, and consequently the hype came and went.

In light of what we know today, should this be reexamined? There has been no investigation into these claims, but today, there is enough prima facie evidence to warrant an investigation. So what do we know?

Jeffery Epstein is a convicted felon who was plead guilty to soliciting underage women for sex, in 2008. Epstein was investigated by the FBI. 17 witness were interviewed, photographs of girls were found, and written documentation was uncovered demonstrating many of the girls were underage. The were also reports that Epstein had cameras installed throughout his resident, and he would record prominent figures engaged in sex, to potentially blackmail them. Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Trump, Alan Dershowitz, and Kevin Spacy are just a few of the powerful men who attended the parties.  A 53 page indictment was filed by Alexander Acosta, the U.S. Attorney in Southern Florida, at the time. Alan Dershowitz represented Epstein during the proceedings, even though he was a possible suspect in the case. The case was sealed, and a plea bargain was reached. There were four named co-conspirators granted immunity as part of the plea agreement. Additionally, the state took the unusual step of granting immunity to any future unidentified co-conspirators. With over 40 victims identified, Epstien was allowed to serve house arrest, and community service for 13 months. Like charges for an average similar case would normally lead to life in prison sentence. A Florida police detective removed himself from the case due to the States, “highly unusual behavior.” Alexander Acosta would later be appointed Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

Donald Trump is documented at Epstein’s parties, and he has publicly admitted he knew Jeffery Epstein for over 15-years, and he publicly acknowledged he was aware Epstein liked young girls. Epstein regularly visited Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort. In the 1980s and 90s, social reporters repeatedly documented Trump attended parties with underage girls, cocaine, and alcohol. In 1999, Trump formed Trump Modeling Management, and social reporters have long documented young models were sent parties with Trumps associates, and clients. These models were often underage. Numerous people have witness these parties over the years.

Virgina Roberts Interview

Trump Model Management largely brought in models from Eastern European Countries, on student visas, while having them work at the agency. It is illegal to work under a student visa, and Trump Modeling would use this to exploit the young models.  Other easily exploited young girls, such as runaways were lured in. The models were forced to live together in a small apartment owned by Trump, which several models described as sweatshop like conditions. Bunks were stacked together in the apartments, like barracks, and the models were charged high amounts of rent. These models knew they were in the country illegally and often felt helpless. Many of the modeling events they would attend would be business parties arranged by the Trump organization. Virginia Roberts was a runaway working at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort when she was recruited into a life of prostitution, by Epstein.  She was 16 at the time. Roberts would later provide testimony to prosecutors regarding her recruitment. Epstein’s’ private plane was dubbed the “Lolita Express”, and girls were flown to his private island for parties.  

Perhaps the connections seemed tenuous, before the Access Hollywood tape, but with what we know today, this needs a serious second look. We have since learned, that Michael Cohen, and long term Trump employee, Alan Weisselberg, worked together to create dummy corporations to pay off and silence women, coordinated with the David Pecker from the National Enquirer. Numerous women have claimed to be sexually assaulted by Trump.  Many of the women have also claimed they were harassed and intimidated to stay silent.  What once seemed like a outlandish story now seems more like modus operandi.