Allow me to begin by defining a few terms. Firstly, why I use specifically ‘corporate’ media, in place of mainstream. Corporate media reflects the alignment of major sources of information with those of their advertizers and owners, including altering or omitting coverage considered bad for their primary clients (advertizers and owners). Second, who do I include in the category of corporate media? Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are some notable members of the guild of shills that I call the corporate media.

Now, why am I so hard on the media? It is because, like finding out your spouse is cheating on you, or your best friend killed your dog, or being killed by police when they are responding to your call, its the sheer level of their rage-inducing betrayal. They have betrayed every virtue and purpose of the press, every reason for their existence and utility. The reason that no one trusts corporate media any longer is that they would rather talk in the language of the powerful, parrot the positions of elites, the wealthy, and government, and consistently ignore matters of import. All this while hyping bs-stories, offering advertizers the chance to speak directly through fake articles, in lieu of advertizing, and missing real and important events. The corporate media loves to act like a series of related events are independent and unrelated, be it climate change, police brutality, corporate crimes, or social ills, the corporate press is there to fail us and send out the lies of the establishment, the wealthy, and corporations.

Corporate media’s failure isn’t just selling out to advertisers, merging into monoliths, prioritizing government and corporate positions and takling points, but also in pushing those terms and interests to be the only acceptable ones which may be aired in the public spectrum of debate

Why doesn’t the corporate media question:

The corporate media is a joke, the “journalists” who work under it’s brands are traitors to the American public who have accepted faux respectability while parroting exclusively narratives that favor corporations, elites, and establishment positions. While there are several reasons that “journalists” capitulate and collaborate with those with power and prestige, such a grave series of ┬ábetrayals cannot be forgiven. Anyone with a shred of decency would not continue to participate in such a system, directly or indirectly. So this article is to castigate those who choose daily to surrender their moral responsibility to the great machines of empire and pretend that being a cog in a machine of lies, slander, death, and propaganda is not a moral decision.

To any journalists reading this, please read this article before bothering to reply.

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