Yeah, it is kind of strange for Americans to realize that politics isn’t a three-dot function. I realize this has at least one curse word, but oh well, it is still funny. As a note, look at the blue where “Most political parties in the western world” and “Mainstream conservatives.” are, that is all that America thinks is “polarized,” please… puuuhhhhllleeeaaasssseee, polarized, both Democratic and Republican parties are pro-corporation, pro-capitalism, and like bombing brown people so Haliburton and GE can make money selling death, and then American companies can install sweatshops, undermine the welfare of workers’ rights and collective bargaining, and somehow American companies get sweet access to the resources that once were public goods… hmm convenient timing. Seriously Americans, stop listening to the news that peddles pro-status quo official narratives, which would rather you all fight for individual identity gains, rather than unite for class and society-wide improvements.