No Fallacies
Yes, this too.

Look, I know you probably want a list of rules specifying what I will or won’t tolerate. But the above are the two best examples I can find. No trolls, no fallacies, no cursing, no abuse, if someone doesn’t agree with what I write but are logical, follow the rules of a discussion, and you bash on them for their ideas while committing one of those violations, it will be your comment removed.

Basically, act like you are at a chill party drinking your beverage of choice, and people are talking, people who know who you are, that you will see again, and don’t want to alienate permanently. Basically, act like a rational adult, not a tool. You can’t shout people down, or use bad logic to defend your point.

You may under no circumstances use someone’s character, or slight it, or call it into question as a method of debate.

Finally, no ads, spam, junk, irrelevant conversation, or acting too dense to remember to breathe.