How many peoples’ jobs / work is geared toward selling people or getting them to buy things?

35,158,447 people

What about ?Public Relations – 240,000 people

How many peoples’ jobs / work is geared toward debt collecting from individuals?

54,442,000 people, 1 in 3 people.

How many people work in commodities or financialization?

920,700 people.

Added together 90,521,147 people 55.53 percent of American ingenuity,creativity, and effort are directed to industries which are worthless to the advancement of human progress, wellness, health, or betterment.

How many peoples’ jobs / work is geared toward getting people to ignore the negative consequences of industrial behavior or military crimes or war or the failure of corporations to act morally?

How many work hours are involved in all that?

How much human ingenuity, creativity, or effort is involved in that?

What if instead we redirected all that effort, time, creativity, and ingenuity into making our cities, states, country, the world,medicine, scientific understanding, the humanities, and education better?

What kinds of scientific discoveries, motivating stories, new teaching methods, better art, etc could we create if we stopped worrying about selling things, making money on wall street, or hiding corporate/government/military crimes?

What if we stopped allowing large corporations to profit from farming, and geared ourselves to a pollution-free, ecologically-sustainable farming methodology? So what if we need more people in farming? Remember, we are ending several types of worthless employment, so we have the extra work-hours and people to the task of ending hunger.