A New World is Coming

An Invitation to Participate

Rather than making employees pay for their daily bread, we allow them to grow, raise, and make it in order to give an example of how social and economic life could be… if we ditched the mythos of capitalism. In this pursuit we seek to reject consumer and material accumulation culture, the idea that we must “only concern ourselves with our own well being, screw everyone else”. We believe that life is not meant to be lived in the cracks of time between work, if we can even afford it. Life is not distractions, nor is it constant bliss, it is lived, and slips through our fingers each moment. It needs to be lived that way. It should not be lived worrying about it you need to go to the doctor, or if that visit will bankrupt you. The usury, profit, and senseless exploitation of this system needs to end. We seek to offer up a new social and economic order. Beyond inequity, inequality, and want. Our earth can support 4 times the number of humans presently on it, if equality, and human resiliency were the goal. Instead half of our food goes in the trash and over 54% of our time, effort, and creativity goes into selling things and helping people buy things. Let me phrase it another way: is your job helping humanity survive and evolve? What if it didn’t exist? Would life go on?


Organic farm, artisan wares, resiliency, self-reliance, sustainability, and for those uninterested in participation a B&B, vacation spot, and retirement option.

Partner with educational institutions.

Partner with independent media.

Fund-Raising Step I: The Founding

  • $6,500 – $65,000
  • Website, server, domain name.
  • PO Box
  • Website Article Population
  • Lawyer
  • Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Charter.
  • Outreach

Fund-Raising Step II: Public Outreach

  • $125,000,000 (less than $1 per person who would benefit economically from my proposed system)
  • Grant-writing team.
  • Partnership Team.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Land and Water Quality Testing.
  • Environmental Impact and Sustainability Surveys.
  • Architect, materials, proposals, etc.
  • Paperwork.
  • Community Outreach, Engagement, Involvement.
  • Ground-breaking team I.

Ground-Breaking Phase I

  • Survivalists, farmers, construction crews, long-term volunteers.
  • Registered Nurse, combat medic, etc.
  • Supplies, building materials, etc.
  • Timeline: Spring I – Spring II

Potential Volunteer Breakdown

Group I: “Let’s Do This” Adults with little or no financial obligation, who have time, or needed skills and willing to put up with few necessities in order to further a better vision of the world. People willing to invest in the future personally.

Group II: “Let’s Do This-Lite” Adults with little or no financial obligation, who have time or needed skills and willing to work with fewer necessities in order to further a better vision of the world.

Group III: “Fully Self-Reliant”

Group IV: “We have WIFI and I raise Alpacas while I get a BA in Sustainability and Resiliency?”

Group V: ”This Place is Awesome” Parents with young dependents, retirees who want to stay connected to a community, participate socially, and have a simple way of life.

What Do I Get?

I) 15-25 hour work-week.

II) Food, lodging, insurance, utilities, and qualified student loan payments made for you.

III) Free-time, quality-of-life improvements, freedom, an all-organic diet, oh did I mention free-time?

IV) Participate in the first large-scale non-violent progressive revolution of our millennium, against capitalism, the idea of “the profit motive”, and a place in a larger movement.

V) Set a new standard for how corporations act, what we allow them to do, and how they operate, including environmental, societal, and economic obligations.

VI) A new form of pension, profit-sharing, and a real say in how everything works.